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ugg knightsbridge

Hooked on it! Not for any reason is very simple like your article! Heart that the things are always very interesting! Thank you intentions! So that we can enjoy such a beautiful thing

dodong flores

I wonder how the founder of Batang City Jail (International) Gang being related to our friend Dennis Villegas :D :D :D


This one is really funny! May libag libag pa siya sa kilikili! hi hi hi


I found the rabbits cute. I wonder if they had this done in prison or before going to prison.


what's with the rabbit? im quite curious.....


well reseached series. how interetsing.


Lapins inoffensifs ? :-)


Never realized the cute bunny is a popular tattoo design among inmates here and abroad.

Great work as usual, Sidney.


Naku, gang! May coworker ako dati warden sa city jail. Dami nya stories.

Ashish Sidapara

Superb series, bugs bunny rules!


Wow, the bugs bunny is so cute. I don't mind getting them but I'm as usual afraid of needles.

Gérard Méry

J'attends les modèles féminins tatoués, 'rire)


Alo Sidney---did I get your name right?
thanks for dropping by my page. I appreciate the comment. I hope to see you more often so I will add you in my blog list okay......


Was weg zonder mijn gegevens na te laten, excusses.
Zien er ook geen gewone uit daar

Die met zijn klein snorretje wilde ook zo graag dat al zijn gasten elk een tatoo kregen in zijn vakantieparken in de jaren '40- 45 voor ze op de BQ mochten komen ;-))

Wim van der Meij

These people really can draw!
I wonder about septic conditions, clean instruments etc.


Favorite talaga nila si Bugs Bunny :)

islander r-yo

I have always dreamed of having a tattoo but never really had the courage to have one. Seeing your photos just reminded me that indeed, philippine society still associate tattoos with prisoners. i'll probably be content with henna for the mean time. :-) btw, linked you already!

dong ho

very interesting. it's nice sidney that we get to know things like this. quite a good insight on why their symbol is a rabbit.


To Rayts:
Possible explanation might be that rabbits are often used as a symbol of fertility or rebirth. But I am not sure this is the correct answer to your question.

Please note that gang members in the United States (exactly like in the Philippines) are using the figure of a rabbit in their tattoos.

Rabbit with Straight Ears - Vice Lords gang in the US. Sigue-Sigue Sputnik in the Philippines.

Rabbit with bent ear - 2-6 nation gang in the US. Batang City Jail in the Philippines.


this is getting to be more interesting than i thought. i just have to say this first, the third shot is funny simply because you included in the frame a portion that should not be included. in my Bicolano dialect we call that "ra-ra" (with accent on each syllable).

BCJ is famous. One great contribution is because it was made into movies. the lives of their members were made into a movies that the name of the gang is familiar to me even when i was in my primary education.

what is new to me is the rabbit symbol. i wish someone could enlighten us on this one. why rabbit of all the animals.

this is really an interesting subject you're digging Sidney.


Hello, Sydney ! Happy to see that you are back ! Hope you were not in jail ;)but for a good cause, those strong images...

Photo Cache

It's wabbit season!!!!

Good that you could show us the designs up close.

Interesting series.


such an interesting series interesting tattoo's not ones I would get but interesting none the less

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